Into Another Year We Go


I know, I know we haven’t been around in a very long time and this place has more than a few cobwebs, so we will attempt to dust out a few.

Since we last wrote I’ve suffered from a lack of motivation to write, it’s not that I don’t enjoy writing these entries for everyone, I just don’t want to force it and make it a task.

Although it has been quite around here, life has been eventful in the Tiny Human household. In August the Tiny Human broke his foot and spent four weeks in a cast (there will totally be a blog about that), we dressed up for Halloween, there was a helicopter ride, the Bearded One & I had our 7th wedding anniversary (not like we did anything for it though), the Tiny Human got another year old and spent his birthday in a car traveling to Wellington from Ohope. We brought our first Christmas tree (a fake one) & decorations and the Tiny Human got the surprise of his life on Christmas morning.

I am currently waiting on eye socket decompression surgery, no date yet but sometime soon, which means I can’t really book much of anything in the way of work especially because it may not be easy to find a replacement if I need to.
The Tiny Human continues to grow, learn & develop and next month that learning is going to skyrocket when he starts kindy.

So that is very briefly what we have been up to and I hope to share more about those experiences throughout this year.


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